Tyler Hayes is a Professional Certified Life & Recovery Coach as well as an award-winning songwriter. Currently, Tyler is the Director of Music Services for Onsite Workshops in Tennessee & the founder of The Song Workshop Coaching. She holds a BA from New York University, as well as a Life Coaching Certification & a Recovery Coaching Certification. Tyler is currently receiving her certification in Traumatic Stress Studies through Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk’s certificate program. She has worked in the field of music for over 20 years and in mental wellness for over 8 years.

Tyler believes everybody has a story, every story is a song, and we can be coached into our song, thus leading us to a life of freedom. Though out her studies Hayes has discovered that science supports her theory about “singing” our pain. Using music, we can actually shift our neural pathways for the positive. Tyler believes we are wired for healing and song. Trauma does not have to write or define our life story. Our brains have been brilliantly created to receive a corrective experience. Coaching someone as they find their way into personal freedom from addiction, depression, anxiety, old negative beliefs & unquestioned stories, is Tyler’s passion.

Beyond Tyler’s love of coaching, she is a wife and mother of twin girls, deeply committed to family and faith.

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